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Family Mosaic Home Ownership is part of the Family Mosaic Group, offering Shared Ownership opportunities to first time buyers.

We are a financially sound, experienced provider of very good quality homes to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to buy a suitable property on the open market. We partner the community to find innovative solutions that can help local people get a foot onto the housing ladder.

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For more information about our properties and buying with us, visit the Family Mosaic Sales website -
Family Mosaic Home Ownership sells Shared Ownership properties to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford their own home. We are part of the Family Mosaic Housing Group and we also manage the sales to tenants wishing to buy their own home through, for example, Right to Acquire and Social HomeBuy schemes. We sometimes sell homes on the open market, either in new build developments or homes that are no longer needed for affordable rent.

A team you can trust

Family Mosaic have an exceptional track record in delivering high quality, large scale developments across London and the South East. Our 50 years of experience in property development covering new homes, contemporary urban apartments, family homes and innovative Shared Ownership and social housing schemes sets us apart as a highly informed developer at the leading edge of our industry.

Working in close partnership with architects, designers and builders, attention to detail and quality of materials, fit and finish are integral to our approach. We consider every aspect of a development to ensure that we create desirable and functional spaces for living.Our exceptional track record in sustainability is central to all of our projects. We are proud to have delivered one of the first ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ Level 5 schemes in London.

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For more information about our properties and buying with us, visit the Family Mosaic Sales website -
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