Shared Ownership in Chiswick Gate

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Chiswick feels like the kind of London district which tourist guides were made for. It’s almost as though you can barely turn in any one direction without there being some new wonder for you to discover here. For instance, it’s the home of the capital’s biggest and oldest brewery and contains Hogarth’s House – the former home of the legendary 18th-century artist William Hogarth. On top of that, it’s the fishing post for the annual boat race between Oxford University and Cambridge University.

All this is just the start of this district’s unique appeal. Chiswick was also the residence of famous poets, painters, novels and more: all of which have left their mark on this most complex of cultural melting pots. These claims to fame are undoubtedly incredibly important. They have helped shape what makes Chiswick so interesting today, providing several towns worth of fascinating attractions. And that’s not to mention the fact that its colourful past of residents has provided a history which makes Chiswick just as interesting to look at as it is to learn about.

However, Chiswick is not just a place that is a mere historical monument – far from it. It’s a thriving community filled with bustling local businesses, such as excellent restaurants, pubs and retail outlets, as well as being an area of quite incredible natural beauty. Just take the Gunnersbury Triangle as an ideal example of how the location has managed to retain its natural assets amongst all the modern developments over the years. It is really no surprise then that so many artists have been inspired by these remarkable settings over the years.

Of course, its location and transport options also make Chiswick ideal for people who prefer the quieter charms, while also needing to work in other, most business-focused parts of the capital. Alongside being served by four London Underground stations, the district provides a direct line to Heathrow Airport. This means that amongst the quaint character of the area, you quite literally have access to the whole world.