Shared Ownership in Dunstable

Many first time buyers worry that the prospect of home ownership is out of their reach. Thankfully though, Shared Ownership homes in Dunstable can help you get that vital first step onto the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Dunstable are also an excellent option for potential buyers looking to finally settle down in their dream location.

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Found 30 miles north of London, Dunstable offers many people the opportunity to be able to afford to work in the capital without having to face unmanageable commutes each and every day. In fact, depending on where exactly in London you are headed, train journeys should take only around an hour, and you can also get into the city at a similar rate via the M1.

All of this, of course, is incredibly important. It really opens up Dunstable residents to many more opportunities than they would find in more secluded towns. However, you would be mistaken in thinking that Dunstable is a mere hub for the city centre.

For starters, this is a place of astonishing natural beauty. We bring this up because a lot of people think that being in a town so close to the capital would still leave them staring at cement. Here though, you can enjoy beautiful green areas as far as the eye can see.

That’s not the only piece of eye candy that Dunstable has to offer either, as an incredible history which quite literally goes back to ancient times lends itself to some truly sensational architecture. Take the Dunstable Priory, for instance, which was used for the divorce between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

Even its pubs are historic, as part of the town’s prosperity came from its large number of public houses in the 17th century. Some of them remain to this day and you can even recognise them from the coaching gates which still stand, making them a perfect place to learn about the town’s unique history. You can also enjoy a drink while you embark on an education through the ages.

That brings us to our next important point which is while the wonderful blend of nature and historically formed charm are a big part of what makes Dunstable special, none of this comes at the expense of convenience. Still a market town at heart, Dunstable boasts major shopping centres and plenty of local businesses to provide for your every need. Just because you can go to London that doesn’t mean that you’re missing out on anything by staying put if you prefer.