Shared Ownership in Folkestone and Hythe District Council

Many first-time buyers may feel as though their home ownership aspirations are unachievable. With Shared Ownership homes in Folkestone and Hythe though, those vital first steps onto the property ladder can be more accessible than you may have thought. Help to Buy homes in Folkestone and Hythe can also make it easier for potential purchasers to settle down in the property of their dreams.

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Renamed from Shepway in April 2018, Folkestone and Hythe District Council governs a truly stunning piece of British culture, countryside and history. Many may feel that in order to enjoy all the benefits of this rural beauty, they need to compromise when it comes to modern conveniences. Thankfully though, Folkestone and Hythe really does offer the best of both worlds.

Stunning forested areas intertwine with gorgeous pieces of architecture, which are part of the debt the landscape owes its incredible history. That on its own would be more than enough to make Folkestone and Hythe an amazing place to live. However, when you add to that equation the beaches, amusement parks, museums and all the thriving local businesses which add so much in terms of quality of life and local culture, then this part of Kent is quite clearly in a league of its own.

On top of all that, Folkestone and Hythe also benefits from excellent transport routes, including being located nearby to the Channel Tunnel. This means the port town is not only opened up to the whole of the UK, but it also brings the rest of Europe within easy reach of its residents too.