Shared Ownership in Gravesham Borough Council

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There are perhaps few places as quintessentially British than those found within the jurisdiction of Gravesham Borough Council. It’s an area that is so rich in heritage, as exemplified by its many historic sites including Tilbury Fort and St. George’s Church. These not only provide interest for local history buffs and visitors but also help to lay the foundation for the local culture and unique sense of personality which makes Gravesham such an interesting place to call home.

Of course, we can’t talk about living anywhere in Kent without mentioning the glorious woodland, the sprawling parks or all the other amazing places for young and old to roam and enjoy the simple things in life. This captivating greenery makes this an ideal location for families, and pretty much anyone for that matter.

As we mentioned, Gravesham is also an area which has a terrific sense of heritage. It boasts architectural gems such as the stately home of Cobham Hall, dating all the way back to Roman times. All this is balanced out with a sense of fun too, with plenty of sports and activity options, as well as art and entertainment venues both big and small nearby.

On top of all this, the borough also benefits hugely from a top-notch road network, high-speed railway and even links to Europe through the Channel Tunnel. This means residents can a beautifully typical British setting while being conveniently connected to the rest of the country and the continent beyond.