Shared Ownership in Helsby

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It may only have a small population of a few thousand (a little under 5,000, according to the 2011 electoral ward), but the impact Helsby has on its residents is greater than any area which lacks its distinctive beauty and character.

Speaking of which, it’s important to point out that Helsby is part of the spectacular county of Cheshire. This provides a stunning smorgasbord of unforgettable sights and experiences just outside of the village’s borders. In a way, Helsby is like a microcosm of the wonderful attributes which make its county in general such a special place to visit, and an even better place to call home.

For starters, one of the main things that attracts people to this area is the sensational wealth of natural beauty that is available right on your doorstep. Of course, this is not limited to Helsby, as you’ll be close to plenty of gorgeous green lands in other nearby locations. But if you remained in the local vicinity alone, you’ll find enough beautiful spaces to explore to last even the most ardent nature lover a lifetime.

In fact, many of the village’s famous spots are places of great natural beauty. Most beloved of all is Helsby Hill. This wooded sandstone hill sits hundreds of miles above sea level and provides some truly incredible views. Considering all this, you shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that activities like rock climbing and hiking are hugely popular in this part of the country. Somewhere as awe-inspiring as this doesn’t require modern bells and whistles to keep you entertained.

One of the things that really makes Helsby stand out is its unique history and culture, which have come together to create a community that is at once distinct, warm and welcoming. An example of this is the Christmas event Ho Ho Helsby, attracting thousands of people every year, with numbers often coming up to roughly half of its population. This just goes to show how this little village consistently over delivers with big ideas and an even bigger community spirit.