Shared Ownership in Highbury

Many first time buyers can feel disheartened at the prospect of home ownership, worrying that their aspirations are out of reach. Thankfully, Shared Ownership homes in Highbury can help make that vital first step onto the property ladder so much more achievable. Help to Buy homes in Highbury are also an ideal option for buyers looking to lay down roots in this exceptional location.

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It’s very fitting that Highbury is named after a manor house, considering just how perfect it is to call a home. In fact, that manor house would today be found near Seven Sisters Road. Since it was built in 1271, its creation was facilitated by the decay of another manor. It has since survived and transformed across multiple eras, cultures and owners.

Its transformation is now complete, and what was once the property of kings and the home of a rich stockbroker creates the foundation for a truly remarkable location for thousands of people to settle down in. Of course, this rich history gives Highbury its unique individuality which can still be felt in its beautiful buildings, museums and monuments.

Highbury has also managed to retain the things that have made it so special over the years, unlike many other districts which lose their personalities in the face of ever-expanding progress. It sits right in that sweet spot of areas in London which are neither too quiet and removed from the hustle and bustle of the big centre, but also not so noisy and crowded that you feel closed in and unable to explore.

And explore you can, as open green spaces aren’t something you have to sacrifice when living in this part the capital – with the stunning Highbury Fields being an obvious standout. It’s no surprise then that Highbury has been the source of so much inspiration over the years.

It’s mentioned in various novels and poems, has been the site of recording for some of the most critically acclaimed and best-selling albums in the world, and has also appeared in several films. Today it retains this creative pulse via the likes of the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art and the Hope Theatre.

All of this also comes in a location which is as convenient as it is inspiring, with excellent transport links to get you around the city. That’s all without mentioning the tons of great restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and all those other small businesses which keep life going in the busy – but not too busy – streets of Highbury.