Shared Ownership in Lyme Regis

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It’s telling that Lyme Regis can have a nickname as audacious as “the pearl of Dorset” and it not feel hyperbolic in the slightest. This is especially true considering just how many incredible areas of the county could make a claim to that crown.

The gorgeous Lyme Regis lies on Lyme Bay. Its beautiful beaches, sprawling greenery and dramatic cliffs are so impactful that even those who have never visited the area may very well know it from its inclusion in several novels, TV shows and films. Perhaps most famously, it served as a breath-taking backdrop for Jane Austen’s The Persuasion. What can we say? It’s just a place that seems to inspire people. You really do have to see it to truly appreciate it, as our words can never do it justice.

This land not only provides a pretty setting for romantic scenes though. Few can boast the historical impact of Lyme Regis. It holds a vital place in English history as a major port and a market town. The area also withstood sieges and had a major impact on the world wars of the 20th century.

On top of that, this is a history which stretches far beyond our recent memory, as Lyme Regis is one of the most well-known destinations in Britain for fossils, particularly those found on its famous beaches and cliffs. This has helped make these areas a World Heritage Site. It even has fossils from eras which are rarely found, meaning it boasts increased historical and scientific importance. To put it simply, there are many ways in which Lyme Regis is exceptional.

However, alongside all these awe-inspiring assets, it’s important to never forget all the little things which make somewhere worth living. The culture, community, local businesses, attractions, retail opportunities, schools and employment options are all every bit as vital as those captivating views when it comes to making Lyme Regis excel in every respect. It’s as practical as it beautiful and makes just as special a home as it does a location for a beloved novel.