Shared Ownership in Roade

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Found between the beautiful Blisworth and the Roade ward, the village of Roade is nestled in Northamptonshire. Its geographical position – between two individually brilliant locations and taking the best of both – really feels fitting as a symbol for the character of Roade in general. That’s because this is not just an area where two locations cross path. It’s also somewhere that so many different positives intersect as well.

Roade is at once distinctly stunning, yet familiar. There’s little doubt that the aesthetic of Roade is very much of its own, but the whole village looks so close to a chocolate box or picture-postcard ideal of an English village that first-time visitors can often feel like they’ve been here before. It seems likely that those perfectly idealistic images were based on areas just like this one.

Of course, Roade has far more depth than that, with a long and storied history providing both that individual streak and sense of local pride, which bring this area together. Speaking of bringing things together, what would Roade by without all those amazing shops, schools, businesses and even sports teams? These are not only practical but are also vital pieces of the jigsaw which creates an overwhelming feeling of community.

In these ways, Roade seems like a rather picturesque option for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. And indeed, it is. However, another way in which different benefits intersect here is through the access its train lines offer to its residents. You can enjoy all the things Roade and its neighbouring villages provide, without having to sacrifice anything in terms of opportunities.

Here you’ll be able to travel to London, Manchester and even Scotland, essentially opening up the whole of the United Kingdom. Roade has everything you need to provide a perfect home, including the ability to travel to wherever you want, for whatever reason you please.