Shared Ownership in Runnymede Borough Council

If you’ve been charmed by Runnymede and would love to make this slice of English magic your home, but aren’t sure how you can manage it, then Shared Ownership homes in Runnymede could make this dream a little closer to reality. Help to Buy homes in Runnymede are also a great way for people to set down roots in a place they truly adore.

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Found right beside the River Thames, the different areas of Runnymede Borough Council make it a truly unique and picturesque part of the country, and not just for its natural beauty. That being said, it’s impossible to separate Runnymede from its luscious greens, fascinating wildlife, unforgettable countrysides and crisp tranquil lakes. There’s no doubt that, for many people, the idyllic beauty of the area is certainly a big benefit of settling down there.

However, as we’ve mentioned, Runnymede has plenty more going for it too. Of course, it has an incredible history: famous for the signing of the Magna Carter and its place in the early English parliament, no one could accuse it of lacking character. This heritage is celebrated in several museums and historical attractions scattered throughout the green and pleasant land.

There’s also a fun side to be found as well. For family-friendly adventures, the area is home to the famous Thorpe Park, while it also benefits from plenty of local pubs for the grown-ups to enjoy. Not only that but this is all located a mere 20 miles or so from the centre of London, meaning that the dream of working in the city and living in the country is more achievable than you might think.