Shared Ownership Houses in Salisbury

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To say that Salisbury is full of magnificent sights would probably be understating things. This is, after all, the home of Salisbury Cathedral: one of the country’s most iconic attractions and amongst the finest examples of early English architecture that still remains to this day. In fact, beauty, architecture and history probably sum up three of the first things people attribute to the area. And, in all honesty, they’re not wrong to do so.

The architecture found throughout Salisbury is absolutely incredible and stretches far beyond that famed cathedral. These treats for the eyes also benefit from incredible backstories which you can explore, giving you a greater connection with the stunning streets that surround you.

Of course, there’s beauty in those stories and in the captivating physical presence of those buildings, but don’t forget about the gorgeous areas of greenery. These are every bit as important to the city’s identity as any concoction of brick and mortar, no matter how splendid or interesting. Harnham Water Meadows, Hudson’s Field, and Churchill Gardens are all brilliant examples of the stunning tranquillity available right on your doorstep in Salisbury.

However, just because an area is a few miles from Stonehenge, that doesn’t mean it has to be stuck in the past. Salisbury has a modern economy, with plenty of businesses providing both job opportunities and services that meet all the residents’ needs. Simply head to the Old George Mall with its retail and dining delights or visit the charming Cross Keys shopping area in the heart of the city for big brands and independent stores.

This blend of the old and the new is what really makes Salisbury so special, and some things simply never go out of style. That’s why you can still enjoy the charter markets held on Tuesdays and Saturday, just as they have been since the 13th century.

Perhaps the perfect example of how Salisbury balances the past with an exciting future is in its artistic community. With a rich heritage, it continues to provide new ideas within the Salisbury Arts Centre, Playhouse and across the city’s independent galleries, while respecting and appreciating their influences. If there’s one idea that sums up Salisbury, it’s providing a better future by respecting the past.