Shared Ownership in Southend-On-Sea

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If there’s one thing that really sums up what makes Southend – also rather appropriately known as Southend-on-Sea – such a wonderful place to call home, it’s constant evolution. While saying that an area has changed a lot over the centuries might be a redundant statement, few have changed as dramatically and as effectively as this borough within southeast Essex.

Believe it or not, Southend-on-Sea has about as humble beginnings as you could imagine. There was once little lying here except a couple of homes for hard up fisherman, who made a tough living by taking advantage of the bounty of the nearby waters from which the area takes its name – this didn’t begin to change until the end of the 18th century. It was well into the 19th century by the time the area became known as a sought-after seaside resort and really became anything close to recognisable – even from a historical perspective – to the area we know and love today.

It transformed more throughout the 20th century, developing in terms of commercial and retail sectors and diversifying its economy in general. Thanks to all this constant change and progress, Southend-on-Sea is now a hugely varied area in terms of the lifestyles it can accommodate. It’s as perfect for families as it is for young professionals and couples, owing in part to the vast amount of opportunities and experiences it can offer.

That history hasn’t just created the Southend-on-Sea we know today: it has also left behind a lifetime’s worth of attractions and architecture to enjoy alongside the more light-hearted fun-filled activities this seaside resort is well known for. As for those opportunities we’ve mentioned? Well, not only does Southend have a huge amount of employment sectors but also excellent transport links, particularly to London. This means that many residents enjoy living here while pursuing a career elsewhere.