Second Steps from Southern Home Ownership

Are you a shared owner, in London, and looking to make your next move? Then Southern Home Ownership may have the answer!

Since you first bought your Shared Ownership home, life may have changed. For some it’s the need more space due to a growing family or new partner moving in, or it could be a job relocation to a less central part of London, and for others it could quite simply be the want of a change of scenery. Homes in London are ever increasingly expensive and for many, Shared Ownership is still the only way you can afford a home in the City.

Second Steps helps you make that move to your next home. We will assist you to buy through Shared Ownership, but you can choose your next home from the open market, making your purchase affordable. This means you can choose a home that is currently being offered through an estate agent, in an area and to the style that suits you, the choice is yours.

If you live in London and have just sold your Shared Ownership home, why not take a look at our website or give us a call on 0300 555 2171 to find out more.