Solicitor Blog: Starting out on your road to buying your own home

We understand that buying a property is daunting enough if you have done so previously, let alone if this is your first time and a gentle, caring approach is what we pride ourselves on. To enable us to provide this level of service, we have arranged our teams in such a manner that you will always have someone to speak to no matter what stage you are at in the transaction. Your initial point of contact at AJLO is the New Business Team and it is they who will be providing this blog to you.

Our names are Rabiya, Ash and Rob and we thought we would offer a little advice on some key elements when looking to purchase a property, starting with…

“What do I do once I see my dream home!”
  • Contact the relevant Housing Association or Development’s sales team – lodge your interest with them. They will discuss with you the property you are buying and the key features such as price.
  • Contact the Mortgage Brokers – either contact one independently or contact one off the approved list provided by the Housing Association or Developer. The broker will see whether you meet the affordability criteria for the property you wish to buy.
  • Get back in touch with the Housing Association or Developer’s sales agents – Once you meet the affordability criteria confirm this to them and put down your reservation fee.
  • Contact Alexander JLO Solicitors – we will provide you with a quotation for our services. Do this as soon as you as the reservation fee has been paid. Often when signing the reservation form you agree to meet a 28 day exchange deadline. Speed is key at this stage.
  • Contact the Housing Association/Developer and let them know you have instructed Alexander JLO Solicitors. They will then arrange for the Legal Pack to be sent to us.
  • The legal work begins!

We hope the above information provides you with some insight as to how to start the process. Our processes are designed with a first time buyer in mind and we are always available for any queries, no matter how large or small which means our clients never feel lost or alone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at or on 0207 531 8828 and ask for Rabiya, Ash or Rob.

Warm regards and good luck!

– Alexander JLO Solicitors