Solicitor Blog: Introducing Alexander JLO Solicitors

As this is our first blog in conjunction with our partners at Share to Buy I felt it only right to introduce ourselves and how we work. My name is Matt Johnson and along with Daniel Mills, one of the partners at our firm, we head up the teams in the Shared Ownership department here at AJLO.

We have been acting for clients in the Shared Ownership sector since the scheme came into being. We are proud to state that through our efforts we have been rewarded by being added to a multitude of developer and housing association solicitors’ panels to act on behalf of purchasers throughout the country.

The main reason we are so successful in the sector is that we adopt a different approach to conveyancing than the majority of our competitors. Our processes are designed with a first time buyer in mind and our always being available for any query, no matter how large or small means our clients never feel lost or alone. We understand that buying a property is daunting enough if you have done it previously, let alone if this is your first time and a gentle, caring approach is what we pride ourselves on.

To enable us to provide this level of service, we have split the department down the middle. Both Daniel and I head up our respective teams with each team having their specific tasks and obligations to you as a buyer. Through our vast experience of working with first time buyers, developers and housing associations in the Shared Ownership sector we find that this structure assists not only you as our client but every partner we work with, whether it be mortgage brokers, developers/housing associations, lenders and just about any other individual involved in taking you from the initial stages of enquiry, to the day you collect your keys to your new property and right up until the final stages of registering you as owner.

We first started out in life working with private developers acting for purchasers buying premium properties around the UK. Through this work we honed our services to meeting extremely tight deadlines, being able to exchange in less than 21 days and allowing completion to occur within 28 days from the date our clients had reserved their desired properties. This time frame is of course dependent on the desires of all parties and also third parties being able to achieve this very tight time frame. Over the years we agreed that there was no reason as to why this level of service, speed and excellence should not be expected by and provided to everyone who wanted to buy a property. We have now adapted our processes to bring this level of service to the Shared Ownership sector. In short, we can, in most instances and dependent on 3rd parties, move at the speed desired by our clients, developers and housing associations, no matter what time frame the various parties have in mind.

If you would like to discuss our services or request a quote, please call the Team on 02075318828 or email