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Compare Shared Ownership Mortgages

Use this tool to compare Shared Ownership mortgages from across the market. Fill in the quick form and we will show you the mortgages available which meet your circumstances. The tool is free to use; there is no obligation to apply for any of the products and no credit check incurred just for searching. This tool is only available for a Shared Ownership part buy part rent purchase in England.



'Staircasing' is where you buy further shares in the property at a later date. Most schemes allow you to staircase up to full ownership at some point in the future. We are NOT asking whether you are able to do this now but whether the scheme permits you to staircase to 100% in future. If staircasing is capped at a figure such as 80%, i.e. you can never own 100% at any time, then mortgage lending is restricted and you will need to return to and contact us to discuss your case.

If you are unsure about this question, please leave it ticked 'yes' as that will be the case with most shared ownership schemes but you should take care to check this point before you make a full application.

Your maximum deposit

The deposit is the amount of cash you put down towards the house purchase, which can come typically from savings or a family gift, or a combination thereof. You are generally not allowed to borrow the deposit from a bank. Minimum deposits vary but here we are asking you to state realistically the maximum sum that you could put down and the more you put the better your choice of mortgages is likely to be. Please note: the deposit for the mortgage is not the same as the reservation or holding deposit you may have to pay the housing association for reserving a new build property.


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For further information, contact us or write to: Share to Buy, PO Box 11998, Sudbury CO10 3BS. Registered in England and Wales no: 04909788.