Latimer is the home building arm of Clarion Housing Group, which includes Clarion Housing Association. We’ve always offered homes for outright sale, and now we're starting to include our new shared ownership homes in the Latimer family too.

For a time our listings will be appearing under both the Clarion and Latimer names, but there’s no need to re-register your details. We’re still here to help you find your special new home – whether by outright sale, through Help to Buy or with shared ownership. The new website at offers a range of information to browse and many more opportunities to help with your buying process.

Clarion Housing Group is the UK’s largest provider of affordable housing, with over 125,000 homes and more than 350,000 residents across the country.

Latimer is the private ‘for sale’ development arm of Clarion Housing Group, developing private homes in thriving, mixed-use communities.

As part of Clarion Housing Group, Latimer has an unrivalled balance sheet with net assets of more than £7bn and a turnover of close to £1bn per annum.

The Clarion story started with William Sutton, a 19th century entrepreneur who gifted his entire fortune (£230 million in today’s money) to build affordable housing across major cities in the UK. We have been delivering on his legacy ever since.

The majority of homes we build will always be for affordable tenures, but building homes for outright sale is crucial for our business to develop both mixed sustainable communities and recycling any profits we make from those private sales back into building and maintaining more affordable homes.

For the past 100 years we’ve been building communities that work for the long term.

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