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Share to Buy are a property portal specialising in affordable homes available through Shared Ownership and Help to Buy. However, we also offer a number of articles, educational features, jargon busting videos, FAQs and guides to help you weigh up your options and find out which home buying scheme is right for you.

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Shared Ownership Index
Information about the part-buy part-rent scheme including eligibility, costs, buying additional shares and selling your home.
Help to Buy Index
Information about the government-backed equity loan including eligibility, costs, repayments and selling your home.
Mortgage Index
How to prepare and find the right mortgage for you, including helpful guides and interactive calculators.
Other Ways to Rent and Buy
Find out about Intermediate Rent, Rent to Save, Discount Ownership and the First Homes discount scheme.
Buyer Success Stories
Hear from real buyers who have purchased their homes through the Shared Ownership and Help to Buy schemes.
Home & Lifestyle
Check out our top tips for making the most of your home, and access research and surveys carried out by Share to Buy.