Shared Ownership Mortgage Index

Finding a Shared Ownership Mortgage on Share to Buy

For first time buyers who are hoping to buy a Shared Ownership home, we’ve pulled together useful information, handy guides and interactive tools to help you find the right mortgage for you.

Shared Ownership Mortgages
Share to Buy’s mortgage landing page for buyers hoping to purchase a Shared Ownership home.
Mortgage Guide
An outline of the types of mortgages that are available and which is best suited to you.
Mortgage Broker Panel
A specialist panel of mortgage brokers with experience in assisting Shared Ownership buyers.
Mortgage Comparison Tool
A real-time, interactive tool which can be used to search for Shared Ownership mortgages that meet your needs.
Mortgage Calculator
An interactive tool to help you calculate if the Shared Ownership mortgage you want is affordable.

Paperwork for Mortgage Applications
An extensive list of the documentation required by lenders when you apply for a Shared Ownership mortgage.
Agreement in Principle
Explains what an Agreement in Principle is, why you need it and how to obtain one when applying for a mortgage.
Discusses Shared Ownership valuations, what the process includes and the job of a chartered surveyor.
Offers information about remortgaging – including how to find a mortgage deal and the application process.

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