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What is the Rent to Buy scheme?

Rent to Buy: Overview

Rent to Buy homes provide working people with the opportunity to rent a new-build property on an Intermediate Rent basis. The property will be let at up to 80% of the equivalent market rent (a 20% subsidised rate) with a fixed rate of inflation. You can then go on to make an offer to purchase the property on a Shared Ownership basis when you can afford to; this can be undertaken at any time during the outlined tenancy if you are still eligible for the scheme.

The Rent to Buy scheme enables the property to be let on an assured shorthold tenancy for a fixed term for up to five years which will be linked to (but not necessarily the same as) the required savings period. A savings plan will be put in place to help you raise a sufficient deposit to purchase on either Shared Ownership or equity loan terms within five years. The housing provider will discuss your deposit savings during regular reviews to check your progress, and the savings period can also be extended if you still want to buy but need a bit more time.

When you decide to buy a Rent to Buy home, your housing provider will assess what share of the property can be bought based on an independent financial assessment of what you can afford. Please note that terms and incentives may vary from development to development. The tenancy can also be ended at any point, subject to the terms of your tenancy agreement and initial fixed terms being spent.

Rent to Buy: Eligibility

To qualify for Rent to Buy properties you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a working household at the time of letting.
  • Ownership of another property is not permitted.
  • A good credit history, free from bad debts or County Court Judgements, is required.
  • Some developments may have additional criteria, such as prioritising residents or workers in the local area.

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