Shared Ownership Index

Learn about the Shared Ownership scheme

For first time buyers interested in buying a Shared Ownership home, Share to Buy offers tons of handy guides, informational articles and jargon busting videos about the part-buy part-rent scheme.

What is Shared Ownership?
Information about the part-buy part-rent scheme and how it can help you onto the property ladder.
New Shared Ownership Model
The Shared Ownership scheme is changing. Find out more in our introduction to the new model!
Shared Ownership 101
What you need to know about Shared Ownership including prioritisation, monthly outgoings and leasehold information.
Eligibility Criteria
The requirements buyers need to meet to be eligible to purchase a Shared Ownership home.
The Costs
The costs associated with buying a Shared Ownership home including Stamp Duty, monthly payments, and broker and solicitor fees.

Myth Busting
We’ve debunked some of the biggest misconceptions about the Shared Ownership scheme.

Step by step guide to buying a home
A 10-step guide to buying a Shared Ownership property to give you an understanding of the process.

Pros & Cons
Discusses the benefits of Shared Ownership and whether it’s the right home-buying scheme for you.
New Build vs. Resale homes
Weighing up the differences between new build and resale Shared Ownership homes to help you decide which is right for you.
Shared Ownership: Terms & Conditions
Key details that buyers should be aware of before purchasing through Shared Ownership including lease extensions, service charges and rent calculations.
Information about leasehold homes
An explanation of Shared Ownership leases and what buying a leasehold home means for purchasers.
Information about cladding
Information about cladding and how it affects first time buyers and shared owners.
Next steps for Shared Owners
An explanation of your next steps as a Shared Owner – including how to buy additional shares and sell your home.
Staircasing Guides
Information about the process of buying more shares in your Shared Ownership home.
A guide to selling your home
A guide explaining the process of selling your Shared Ownership home and the steps you’ll need to take.
Selling via back to back staircasing
An explanation of simultaneous sale – or buying 100% shares in your home and selling at the same time.
Jargon Busting Videos
A collection of succinct videos which explain key home-buying terms such as Shared Ownership and Staircasing in just 30 seconds.
Older Persons Shared Ownership
Information about the part-buy part-rent scheme available to buyers over the age of 55 (OPSO).
FAQs: Can I buy a Shared Ownership home?
An FAQ page dedicated to common questions about eligibility and buying a Shared Ownership home.
FAQs: Buying a home through Shared Ownership
An FAQ page dedicated to common questions about the buying process and your options as a purchaser.
FAQs: Responsibilities of a Shared Ownership buyer
An FAQ page dedicated to common questions about the rules in a Shared Ownership home including repairs, decorating and lodgers.

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