Share to Buy Expert Sessions: Your questions about homes

Answering your questions about the types of properties available.

Shared Ownership homes with Share to Buy

Are all new build properties flats or can you buy new houses too?

Response from JLL – Yes, there are a good selection of both houses and apartments available through the scheme.

You can search for Shared Ownership homes in your local area on Share to Buy’s property portal.

Are all new build homes leasehold only?

Response from JLL – Yes, all Shared Ownership properties are sold as leasehold. However, if you go on to buy 100% of your home, you can discuss becoming the freeholder with your provider.

You can find out more about leasehold homes here.

What does it mean if a home is off-plan?

Response from Southern Home Ownership – Buying a home off-plan means that it is still in the process of being built and therefore you won’t be able to view it until after you’ve committed to buying it. In many cases this will mean legally agreeing to buy the property by exchanging contracts.

To help in your decision, you’ll be invited to view the floor plan of the off-plan home and the show home that will be finished in the same way that your home will be.

Can I choose the interiors of my home if I buy off-plan? For example, can I pick the types of tiles or work surfaces I'd like?

Response from L&Q – With homes being built by L&Q, we may be able to offer you the choice of two contemporary colour palettes to choose from, depending on the stage of the build. Homes being built by another builder and sold by L&Q will include a ‘set specification’. All of our interiors and fixtures are of high quality and have been chosen to be neutral, we are confident you will not be disappointed.

What are resales homes?

Resale properties are homes that a current owner bought through the Shared Ownership scheme and now wishes to sell on. With resale, you will need to purchase a share equal to or higher than what the current resident owns.

Is there a warranty on new build Shared Ownership homes?

Response from Southern Home Ownership – Yes, most new Shared Ownership homes come with a 10 to 12 year new-build warranty to cover the structure of the building.

Who pays for the lease extension on a Shared Ownership home?

Response from L&Q – The leaseholder would be responsible for paying for the lease extension. The premium that they pay depends on a number of factors and which route (formal or informal) they take. They would be responsible for 100% of the cost of the lease extension, not just the share that they own.

A lease extension is a statutory right for 100% leaseholders provided you meet the eligibility criteria detailed below. Shared Owners cannot formally apply to extend their lease through this statutory right, but L&Q still offer an informal lease extension service.

In order to be eligible for a lease extension you must hold the lease of the flat and this means hold a lease:

• With a term of 21 years or greater
• Granted under the Social HomeBuy Scheme with 100% ownership
• Granted under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire rent to mortgage terms
• Own 100% of their home through a lease (100% leaseholder)

To progress formally, a 100% leaseholder must have held their lease for at least two years. We ask the same for Shared Owners, however this is at our discretion and assessed on a case by cases basis.

L&Q can offer advice on surveyors and solicitors that provide preferential rates to L&Q residents. Further information is available at

You can also find out more about leasehold home on Share to Buy.