Share to Buy Expert Sessions: Your questions about selling and buying shares

Answering your questions about selling and buying more of your home!

Shared Ownership Sales and Staircasing

How do I go about selling my Shared Ownership home?

If you choose to sell your Shared Ownership home, you will need to contact your housing association to make them aware. You’ll also need to obtain an independent valuation prior to sale to determine the current value of the property. You can find out more about the process of selling your Shared Ownership home here.

Generally speaking, your provider will have around an eight week period to market your home first and, if they find a buyer, they will go through a similar process to the one you went through when you bought the home. If your provider doesn’t find a buyer during this time, you can then choose to sell your property privately or through an estate agent of your choice. If you would like to advertise your home on Share to Buy’s property portal, you can find out more here.