Help to Buy Across the Greenwich Peninsula

Please note that the Help to Buy equity loan closed to new applicants on October 31st, 2022. There are still alternatives to Help to Buy in Greenwich including Shared Ownership in Greenwich, please look here for more information.

It can be tough for first time buyers, as it can often as though the prospect of home ownership is beyond reach. With Help to Buy homes in Greenwich though, taking that vital first step onto the property ladder may be easier than you imagined. Shared Ownership homes in Greenwich are also an ideal option for buyers looking to settle down somewhere they truly love.

To stay up to date with the latest Help to Buy and Shared Ownership properties in Greenwich, all you have to do is sign up to Share to Buy and register to receive alerts when new properties become available in your desired area. It really is that simple!

Certain images come to mind when people think of London; there are a number of landmarks which spring up but beyond that, the impression is of a city that is as fiercely modern as it is busy. And neither of these things are negatives by any means.

Greenwich probably doesn’t look like what you imagine modern London to be. However, that’s to its credit. This is an area which has managed to maintain all the character, architecture and intrigue that comes with having such a fascinating past, without losing anything in the way of opportunity or modern convenience.

Alongside all of this, Greenwich manages to also provide some of the most gorgeous natural spaces anywhere in the country, not just the capital. Often, people believe that they have to sacrifice greenery and nature when moving to London; however, Greenwich and the likes of the stunning Riverfront, Greenwich Park and World Heritage Site Maritime Greenwich, among other examples, prove otherwise.

There’s perhaps a no better example of the mix of benefits that Greenwich has on offer than its town centre. This area retains its historical character whilst also providing a mix of modern and classical culture through its Georgian and Victorian architecture, market, museums and theatre.

Whilst Greenwich has retained its historical beauty, there’s nothing historic about its up-to-date transport links. These serve the area through London via the National Rail, London Underground, DLR, cycle routes and even via boat! Greenwich is a place which is not satisfied with compromising, providing a perfect mid-point between the charm, experiences and space of a historical town, with all the opportunity of the capital.