Shared Ownership in Berkhamsted

If you’re a first time buyer, then it can often feel as though the prospect of home ownership is out of reach. With Shared Ownership homes in Berkhamsted though, that doesn’t have to be the case. They are a great option for making that vital first step onto the property ladder more accessible than ever. Help to Buy homes in Berkhamsted also offer potential buyers an affordable route into their dream location.

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There’s something truly awe-inspiring about the ability of Berkhamsted to balance such captivating sights and experiences with a feeling of warmth and homeliness. Turn your head and there’s a good chance it’ll appear as though you’ve been dropped into an 18th-century watercolour of green and pleasant lands. It’s a place where you can pop to the local shops just as easily as get lost in another world: one both mystical and familiar.

It is really no surprise then that a large part of Berkhamsted is classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as we can’t really think of anywhere that lives up to that moniker more consistently than here. However, don’t go thinking that this is an area which is all style without substance. Berkhamsted boasts great history, depth and character.

It has a culture and an individuality which was built on the wooden frames of the turn of the first millennium and has evolved into a uniquely modern town. That’s because while Berkhamsted retains so many of the charms which make it, as its credentials suggest, so outstanding – including the architecture, the historical sites and the incredible natural beauty – it’s also an area wise enough to move with the times. Indeed, so many of the attractions which are now landmarks are so as a result of the constantly shifting sands of Berkhamsted’s economy and process of modernisation.

This means that you won’t be stuck in the past when it comes to things like opportunities in education and employment, alongside transport and all the other essentials which bring a town together. That includes plenty of great pubs, restaurants and stores that keep everything ticking along in the local community.

Speaking of transport and opportunities, these two things really come together as Berkhamsted is a well-known commuter town to the capital. Therefore, the world really is your oyster in terms of employment prospects. In fact, over half a million train journeys are made between Berkhamsted and London every year.

All this is just scratching the surface of the depth of what Berkhamsted has to offer – like a quick glide over the majestic English countryside. It’s a town you have to experience yourself to truly appreciate to the full.