Shared Ownership in Bicester, Oxfordshire

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For many, Bicester might just be the quintessential small British town; so much so that the area has become an incredibly popular tourist destination. Its much-loved shopping district, Bicester Village, is a particular hotspot where high-end brands meet a distinctively local take on style and sophistication, giving it a charm that many just can’t resist.

Bicester manages to balance its quaint charms with plenty to do, see and experience. Alongside being an excellent place to shop, it’s also where you’ll find the thrilling, action-packed London Rally School and Banzai Action Park. It seems that this small town has a taste for adrenaline too.

However, if you’d prefer something a little more laid back, there’s also stunning fishing lakes, parks, gardens, historical sites and more, meaning that whatever pace you prefer, Bicester has something to suit you. It’s also one of the country’s fastest-growing towns, with terrific transport links to London, Oxford and Birmingham, to name but a few.