Shared Ownership properties near Bourne

As a first time buyer, you may feel concerned that the prospect of home ownership is out of your reach. Thankfully, with Shared Ownership homes in Bourne, that vital first step onto the property ladder could be more affordable than you think. Help to Buy homes in Bourne also offer excellent options to buyers looking to unlock the door to their dream property.

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Nature, history and culture: although the variety of opportunities and experiences Bourne offers extends far beyond these three subjects, we do think it’s fair to say that they are some of the pillars of what makes this part of Lincolnshire such a special place to live. History and culture are, of course, intertwined, as the local pride of Bourne is formed by – and would be unrecognisable without – its heritage.

These unique characteristics bounce off each other and are often inseparable – just take a look at the many listed buildings found throughout the area! Each one is a loving record of a time and place long since passed, while also being an architectural work of art all in one. As directly as this history is celebrated through the likes of Bourne Museum, you could make the argument that it is just as present in the character of the town, and in the spirit of the local community.

Speaking of community, it’s also worth pointing out that Bourne is as much a practical place to live as it is an inspirational one. There’s plenty of opportunities here and nearby, thanks to the diverse economy of Lincolnshire, alongside several educational establishments in Bourne itself. These cater from primary to sixth form education and, of course, further prospects are available in other parts of the county. These are complemented by all the local businesses which bring the area together, providing plenty of conveniences and career paths for local residents, which number around 15,000 according to recent estimates.

For many though, the main thing that draws them to Bourne is the natural beauties which remain unspoiled ever since the Domesday survey first recorded Bowthorpe Oak. Perhaps the jewel in the crown in this regard is the 400-acre large Bourne Wood, which is the perfect place to lose yourself in the majesty of your surroundings.