Shared Ownership in Dacorum Borough Council

Many buyers looking for a property for the first time find the process intimidating, but Shared Ownership homes in Dacorum can help with those initial steps onto the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Dacorum also make it easier for buyers to better put down roots in areas they truly feel at home.

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Dacorum Borough Council is one of the most historic parts of the country. You may have already guessed that from its Latin name, which translates to “hundred of the Dacians”, owing to a now ancient legend about Dacians migrating to Denmark. Existing in the ninth and 10th century, with reference made to it in the Domesday Book, it’s pretty much a history fan’s dream location.

Of course, thanks to its gothic architecture – as seen in the stunning Ashridge House, among several other stunning castles and historical sites – you don’t need to know much to appreciate the positive impact that such a rich background has had on the scenery and the local culture. But while Dacorum may be like a living museum, it certainly doesn’t move at the pace of one.

With terrific facilities for outdoor activity, such as Cassiobury Park, to just give one example, among other sports facilities and areas to explore, Dacorum is a place full of energy and life. It’s one which has never forgotten its past but equally never stops moving forward. And should you need to travel elsewhere, then excellent public transport links are also available via bus and train, with an underground station in nearby Chesham.