Shared Ownership in Dudley

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Dudley is a town that manages to respect and cherish its history, while always having an eye on the future. The capital of the Black County has undergone an impressive journey, transforming from a market town to an industrial juggernaut.

It’s marked by many feats of spell-binding architecture which pepper this distinctive location. The likes of Dudley Castle (complete with Dudley Zoo), the Black Country Museum, Dudley Canal and Tunnel, as well as hundreds of listed buildings don’t just look gorgeous but also give Dudley its unique look. They are a statement of identity forged throughout centuries.

Thanks to this, Dudley is also a place with great cultural depth. You can find it in the ruins of Dudley Priory just as you can find it in the many great local businesses. These provide residents with more than just a variety of places to eat, drink and be socialise but also contribute to the mesmerising melting pot which adds up to such an attractive place to live.

Speaking of attractive, it would be impossible to discuss the many delights of Dudley without talking about the beautiful parks and nature reserves. For many, these are the jewel in an already glistening crown. Dudley isn’t only just a stunning place to experience, though. With so many different things to see, do and experience, it’s also a very practical place to live.

The Industrial Revolution which brought so many of these areas to prosperity may be long over, but Dudley has once more adapted to changing times with a diverse economy full of opportunity. This is coupled with excellent transport links, including two train stations, bus services and direct road routes to neighbouring towns, alongside access to the M5, for those who work elsewhere.

Dudley is also an ideal home for young families, boasting a wide variety of primary and secondary schools throughout the area. Another aspect in which Dudley excels is special schools, meaning that no one get left behind from an educational standpoint. For those who want to go further, there’s also Dudley College and several campuses belonging to the Birmingham Metropolitan College. To put it simply, whatever your ambitions for you or your family, you can pursue them all within this unique Midlands town.