Shared Ownership in Hastings, East Sussex

Many first-time buyers believe that purchasing their own property is not within their means. In many cases though, Shared Ownership homes in Hastings can make getting onto the property ladder so much easier. Help to Buy homes in Hastings can also assist in making those homeownership aspirations a reality.

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With castles, piers and even underground tunnels utilised by smugglers, there’s little doubt that a sense of adventure is palpable in the areas covered by Hastings District Council. Even its museums are a journey into shipwrecks, the travels of fisherman and true crime stories.

When you combine all this with the spectacle of the area’s architecture and landscapes, which are found in the likes of its Old Town, its bays and its beaches, you could even say there is something otherworldly about the beauty of Hastings. Certainly, no one can consider this anything other than an extraordinary place to call home.

Of course, this is all without mentioning its other – perhaps less headline-grabbing but no less important – attributes. These include its sprawling parks and gardens, wonderful pubs, restaurants, cafes and excellent transport links, connecting the town with everywhere from London to Brighton and Ashford. There are even funicular railways to help you get around the area itself.

If you want every day to be an adventure, then there’s nothing quite like living in Hastings.