Shared Ownership in the Hemel Hempstead Area

If this sounds like an ideal place for you to buy but you feel like doing so might be out of reach, then Shared Ownership homes in Hemel Hempstead can open up opportunities for you to make this area your home. Help to Buy homes in Hemel Hempstead can also help potential buyers get their foot on the ladder.

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Developed after WWII – although it has a history going far beyond that time period, having gained town status in the 16th century – Hemel Hempstead is an area with a rich heritage and unique character. It was built with the intention of being a wave of the future in terms of modernising the country.

Although things have changed quite a bit since then, it still remains somewhere that is constantly moving forward in terms of its economy and culture.

Part of the Greater London Urban Area, numerous transport options means that Hemel Hempstead is conveniently connected to the rest of the county. That being said though, the town itself has so much to offer, from incredible nearby examples of history and architecture, such as St. Mary’s Church, Berkhamsted Castle, St. Alban’s Cathedral and the Verulamium Museum, to stunning parks and gardens like Gate Bridge Park and Cheslyn House and Gardens, to name just a few examples.