Shared Ownership Langley, Berkshire

If you’re a first-time buyer, you may feel worried that the prospect of home ownership is beyond your reach. With Shared Ownership homes in Langley, however, that vital first step onto the property ladder may be closer than you think. Help to Buy homes in Langley also offer affordable options for buyers seeking that somewhere special to settle down.

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Perhaps the most impressive thing about Langley is how well it has managed to roll with the times and evolve, while also utilising its past to craft a deep local culture which still resonates to this day. This large village in the ceremonial county of Berkshire was once known for a few key things. These include its airfield, which produced military aircraft throughout WWII – perhaps most significantly the famed Hurricane. It was also known for the production of Ford motor vehicles, among other manufacturing powerhouses.

Of course, times change. Although, Langley still provides plenty of ways to learn about its past, thanks to the many notable buildings throughout the village. You can appreciate its heritage by marveling at the likes of the Church of England diocese of Oxford, a Grade-1 listed building. Regardless, the Langley we know and love today is very different to that in decades and centuries past.

Today, the economy has diversified – as it has throughout Berkshire – and provides ample opportunities elsewhere along with plenty of excellent attractions. Areas like the astonishing Richmond Park are timeless, while the likes of Thorpe Park Resort and Legoland show just how vast the range of experiences is here. You can mix and match fun for all the family with more cultural pursuits such as Hampton Court Palace and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Many of these aren’t in Langley itself – it is a humble village, after all. But what Langley does offer is a hub in one of the most exciting parts of the country. It’s a spectacular place to experience all in itself, but also one which hugely benefits from being so close to so many other fantastic areas and attractions nearby.

Speaking of Langley’s connections elsewhere, it’s also a brilliant choice for those looking to live somewhere quieter than the capital but who still need to commute into the centre of London for work. The convenient train links can get you there in a little over an hour. Langley is wonderful all on its own but coupled with everything that surrounds it, there are few areas that can compete.