Shared Ownership Properties in Leicestershire

If you’re a first time buyer, then it may feel as though owning your own home is out of reach. Thankfully though, Shared Ownership homes in Leicestershire could be the answer, making that first step onto the property ladder more accessible. Help to Buy homes in Leicestershire can also help potential buyers to finally get the keys to their dream property.

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Where do you begin when talking about an area as diverse as Leicestershire? Perhaps by pointing out that Leicestershire – named after the city of Leicester – is not simply one place. It is made up of many different areas, each of which brings their own unique history, attributes and charms to create a whole that is even better than the sum of its already exceptional parts.

You have Rutland to the east, Staffordshire to the West, Nottingham to the north, and Warwickshire to the South, with plenty more in between. The economy found in all these areas is astonishingly diverse and includes everything from farming, food and drink to finance and business trades. Professionals here can even enjoy opportunities in the biomedical industries, to give you an example of the scope of options that are available across the area.

This wealth of opportunity also extends to the many fantastic educational institutions in Leicestershire. It’s a place where you can both learn skills and apply what you have learned to a career. Not only that but excellent transport links – in, around and beyond the area – means that your ambition can carry you much further than you can walk.

These are all huge advantages for residents but it’s also important to remember that living in Leicestershire is not all about work. It’s also about having a great time enjoying the many pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops and other local businesses. These not only provide so many jobs but also the amazing experiences to all who live here.

Of course, no discussion about Leicestershire could be complete without a mention of the many spacious parks and greenery, which provide such wonderful examples of natural beauty. Let’s not forget the incredible architecture found throughout the area’s historical sites either.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect place to start a family, learn something new, embark on a new career or take another step in your current one, Leicestershire has a little bit of everything.