Shared Ownership Houses in Long Eaton

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If there is one fact that sums up the many wonderful things which make Long Eaton what it is today, it would be that it was once referred to as Aitone in the Domesday Book. The reason this is so significant is because, amongst the several possible meanings, this name alludes to the fact that this is a farming settlement amongst lowlands and between streams.

This not only gives us an idea of the amazing history behind Long Eaton – not least from the fact that it is in the Domesday Book to begin with – but also a general sense of the humble roots it has grown from. Finally, it makes particular reference to the land upon which it sits.

Even today, it’s the natural beauty of Long Eaton which still stands out so much amongst all its other exceptional assets. The fact that this was so notable back then shows us how the beauty of areas such as Attenborough Nature Reserve, Wollaton Park, Rushcliffe Country Park and West Park were the anchor which drew people to the town all the way back then just as it does now.

It is important to note that those awe-inspiring natural attractions are far from the only thing that makes this area stand out. Going back to history for a moment, it might be hard to imagine that such historically rich places as Long Eaton could be improved upon. However, stunning examples of architecture like Elvaston Castle and Wollaton Hall, for instance, really do provide a jewel on an already glimmering crown.

You can also see how Long Eaton is so forward-thinking through these areas too. Just take Attenborough Nature Centre, which exists to educate and preserve species for future generations to enjoy, just as the Domesday documenters did all those centuries ago.

On top of all this, Long Eaton is also a very practical place to call home, with excellent schools, convenient transport links, a love of sports and plenty of great places to eat, drink and shop to your heart’s content. And, of course, its placement in Derbyshire also opens up a whole other world of possibilities and opportunities.