Shared Ownership Properties in Northamptonshire

If you’re a first time buyer, then you may be concerned that your aspirations of home ownership are achievable. Thankfully though, Shared Ownership homes in Northamptonshire can make that vital first step onto the property ladder more accessible and affordable. Help to Buy homes in Northamptonshire also provide a great option for buyers looking to lay down roots in their dream location.

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With a heritage so rich that historians are still unsure as to when humans began occupying what would one day become Northamptonshire, it should be little surprise that the Rose of the Shires is a place of hidden depths. It boasts the kind of atmosphere and unique character that can only be forged through the merging of past influences.

Of course, there’s little left of the Palaeolithic era for your average Northamptonshire resident to enjoy, except perhaps some intellectual curiosities. However, the historical buildings that do remain from the last millennium are a living patchwork of English history. They not only provide the area with beauty and intrigue, but also an identity unlike anywhere else.

Those aren’t the only sights to soak up though, as the many parks, lakes and forests continue to inspire awe and wonder in whoever pays them a visit. The examples of natural beauty here are as timeless as the sky they fall under. Not to mention, they provide the perfect places to raise a family, or simply get in touch with nature.

It’s important to note that Northamptonshire isn’t only about green fields and centuries-old castles though. It offers economic opportunity, with the South Midlands in particular being notable for its vital place in the motorsports industry. Many household names still call the area their manufacturing home. Alongside this, there are plenty of great educational establishments, with a wealth of excellent schools, colleges and universities to choose from.

It’s not all just work in Northamptonshire: this area is a whole lot of fun too. After all, how can a place that has a theme park, aviation museum and Silverstone circuit not be? On top of that, it also invites the expression of your creative side. Music and performing arts are given plenty of focus in the education sector and opportunities are provided at the higher level too. It’s easy to see why – we can’t imagine many locations being better at providing inspiration.

If your career takes you elsewhere, you can still call Northamptonshire your home, thanks to excellent transport links. The M1 motorway connects it to everywhere between Leeds and London, alongside a huge selection of railway lines. The UK has many beautiful areas, but few are as practical or as enjoyable a place to live as Northamptonshire.