Shared Ownership properties in Paignton

Many first-time buyers worry that their home ownership aspirations are out of their reach. Shared Ownership homes in Paignton offer the ideal solution, making that vital first step onto the property ladder more accessible than ever. Help to Buy homes in Paignton also provide affordable options for buyers looking to lay down roots somewhere special.

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The wonderful town of Paignton sits on the stunning coast of Tor Bay, right next to the equally spectacular Torquay and Brixham. The three come together to create a supergroup of beautiful seaside destinations. Considering this, it is understandable why Paignton is largely recognised as a holiday destination.

The Torbay area didn’t get the nickname ‘the English Riviera’ for nothing, after all. And it is, to be fair, an utterly fantastic place to enjoy a relaxing break. It’s plainly gorgeous, with (weather permitting) sun-kissed sands and tons of amazing attractions suitable for all ages. These include great bars, pubs and restaurants for adults and the likes of Paignton Zoo Environmental Park and Splashdown Quaywest for the young and young at heart.

Of course, having neighbours with so much to offer themselves right on your doorstep also expands the amount of experiences available to you. However, one thing that people don’t realise is that Paignton is also a perfect place to settle down for good. All those incredible attributes don’t just dissolve once the long weekend has passed.

On top of that, Paignton has much more depth than people may realise. This is a real community, with its own history and culture: it’s just one with an economy bolstered by a bustling tourist trade. It’s no surprise then that Paignton is among the most heavily populated areas in Devon. It provides wonderful homes and prospects for its residents, just as its seafront provides the ideal holiday spot for its visitors.

The possibilities don’t just stop here either. Alongside the Torbay area, Paignton railway station – found a mere stone’s throw from the beach – opens the town up to the rest of the country, as it’s steam railways did in times gone by. Here you’ll find regular services to Birmingham and Manchester, alongside longer journeys to the likes of Cardiff or London. With Paignton, the possibilities are as long and wide as the sea.