Shared Ownership in Pimlico

Many first-time buyers can worry that their home ownership aspirations are unachievable. With Shared Ownership homes in Pimlico though, that doesn’t have to be the case. Help to Buy homes in Pimlico also offers excellent options for buyers looking to move up the property ladder.

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It’s hard to imagine many places feeling more quintessentially London than Pimlico, an area of Central London in the bustling City of Westminster. Perhaps the first example we should give – as it’s also likely to be the first one you notice in Pimlico – would be the architecture that colours the area.

It has that capital feel where it manages to be both historical and timeless, boasting Grade-2 listed buildings sitting elegantly alongside newer iterations. Each structure looks confident that – as times, trends and styles change – they will remain every bit as tasteful as the day they were erected.

However, it’s not just in terms of look that Pimlico feels perfect for the capital. Its importance, both historically and culturally, cannot be understated. This is an area which has been home to some of the most vital figures in British history across several different worlds, from music to politics. This means that it has the authority alongside the aesthetic to justify a place in one of the world’s greatest cities.

You can also explore and enjoy this rich heritage with a visit to The British Museum. And, of course, such a location also means that it is located nearby to the most recognisable attractions in the county. These include Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral and many, many more examples which are famous enough that they’re more than deserving of your time and attention.

This is London, after all. Here you can find the best of the best experiences, just as you will have access to the most incredible employment opportunities from across the UK without the need for a long and arduous commute. In fact, when you do need to travel, then Pimlico station on the Victoria line makes this quick and convenient.