Shared Ownership Houses in Poole

As a first time buyer, you may often feel as though your home ownership aspirations are out of reach. With Shared Ownership homes in Poole though, that doesn’t have to be the case. Plus, Help to Buy homes in Poole can help buyers take those steps up the property ladder and into a location they love.

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Nearly half a million people now call the coastal town of Poole their home, making it the second largest town in Dorset. Despite this though, the area hasn’t lost any of the things which make so many people want to flock there in the first place, while still enjoying the prosperity and growth that comes with that popularity. And why wouldn’t people want to live here?

Its rich history as a seaport has made this a vital and important place to live since back in the Iron Age, throughout WWII and all the way up to the modern day. This fascinating past is celebrated at Poole Museum, as well as historical sites throughout the area.

That importance still remains today, with an economy which varies from a bustling service sector, a large number of industrial estates and some huge manufacturing employers, as well as opportunities on the street, the beaches, theme parks and many more sectors. That’s quite a change for an area that once dealt almost exclusively in the manufacturing of wool. This means that there’s a wide variety of options for someone looking to live and work here.

Of course, the other side of such a bustling jobs market are all the restaurants, bars, cafes and shops, including Poole’s very own Dolphin Shopping Centre, the largest of its kind of Dorset. All this make Poole not just a wise pick for residents looking for opportunities, but a fun place to live too.

In fact, having fun is a big part of what Poole is about, with its sandy beaches across Poole Bay, alongside several urban parks. These include the enormous Poole Park, which is handily situated between the town centre and the harbour. It’s hard to imagine anyone not being able to find something to enjoy with so many diverse activities and attractions to choose from. Whether you want a trip out amongst the sand and the trees with the family, to try your hand at skiing, go for a romantic meal or just enjoy a crisp cool pint, Poole has something for everyone.

It’s also a place with a love of art, with the Lighthouse being the biggest arts complex outside of London, and a culture which branches back centuries and still lives on. That’s not to mention the excellent selection of live music available. And, if you ever need to venture outside of Poole for work or entertainment, then the town benefits from excellent transport connections to the rest of the country via train, ferry and motorway.