Shared Ownership in Redditch

A lot of first time buyers can be left feeling disheartened that home ownership is beyond their reach. Thankfully, Shared Ownership homes in Redditch could be the answer to getting that vital first step onto the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Redditch also offer affordable options to buyers looking to get the keys to their dream home.

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Two of the things Redditch is best known for are its astonishingly beautiful green belt areas, parks and natural assets – such as the wonderful 900-acre Arrow Valley Country Park and Lickey Hills Country Park – and the many stunning feats of architecture that are found here, including Coughton Court, Hanbury Hall. Considering this, it should come as no surprise that Redditch is incredibly easy on the eye. And if you aren’t already aware of its aesthetic charms, then you surely will be after a visit to any one of its unique districts.

However, Redditch is not merely a pretty face. There’s plenty of substance to all of this style. Take, for instance, the examples we have already given. Those buildings and areas are gorgeous, of course, but they are also places where you can get out and about, enjoy and create experiences with your loved ones and learn something new.

Speaking of which, Redditch is also rich in its reverence for the past, as can be seen by the Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings and even the Fore Hill Needle Museum. This, if you’re unaware, celebrates the area’s history as the international centre for needle-making: just to show off how diverse and interesting Redditch’s past truly is.

Despite these cultural attractions, you mustn’t mistake Redditch for anything other than a distinctly modern town. In fact, it became the model for new town planning way back in the 1960s and being ahead of the curve is something that has been kept up ever since. Just check out the diverse range of educational and employment opportunities that are available to this day. That’s not to mention the transport links which provide even greater prospects.

This is all alongside the many businesses, which not only provide jobs locally but also create the convenient modern community that residents and visitors of the area now enjoy. Redditch is a place where you can just as easily take a stroll in the park or learn something new in a museum as you can head down to a shopping centre or take a train into the city. For many, that balance will be vital to providing the perfect home.