Shared Ownership Properties in Rugby

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Finding itself on the borders of Leicestershire, London and Birmingham, people not familiar with the area can occasionally overlook Rugby, especially in the shadow of the capital. This is, however, a mistake which is never made by those who have had the chance to enjoy all that Rugby has to offer. Known by many because of its namesake – yes, the game of rugby did have its rules written here at the Rugby School in the mid-19th century – it has so much more to offer than many people realise.

As you might expect from a place that is already etched forever in the books of history, this is an area with a quite astonishing past, which includes but also goes far beyond the world of sports. It actually dates back to the Iron Age and is mentioned in the Domesday book by a different name. Its influence and growth as a market town breathed new life into the area as the centuries rolled by.

It has since transformed into a manufacturing hub as a result of railways popping up throughout the country during the 19th century. Today, it has once again evolved into a stunning example of a modern British town. However, it hasn’t forgotten where it has come from and that past gives Rugby a unique sense of identity. This is demonstrated in its architecture and local culture, which allows the modern conveniences and prosperity that is enjoyed by the residents of Rugby to be matched with depth and a sense of local pride forged in time.

Perhaps there’s no better example of this than the many local businesses which are the lifeblood of Rugby, keeping the town moving forward as it always has. Alongside all the shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants and local businesses which craft the bustle of its streets, there are also other cultural attractions to explore. There’s the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, and Macready and Rugby Theatre, for example.

Of course, we can’t talk about things to do in Rugby without mentioning its stunning parks, which we have no doubt influenced the town’s love of sports and outdoor activities. These are just a few examples to give you an idea of what’s available in this charming town. From its railway stations to its restaurants, it’s all about providing you with everything you need to create the life you want. The ingredients are all here, it’s up to you what you want to make of it.