Shared Ownership in Saltdean, Brighton

Are you a first-time buyer worried about achieving your home ownership aspirations? Well, Shared Ownership homes in Saltdean could be your ideal solution. They can help you take that vital first step onto the property ladder. Similarly, Help to Buy homes in Saltdean offer affordable options for buyers looking to lay down roots in locations they love.

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Surrounded by the likes of Brighton, Newhaven and Lewes, many places would perhaps fade into the background in comparison to such splendid parts of the country. After all, they boast some truly incredible beauty, attractions and huge personalities. However, Saltdean is no ordinary part of the country. It’s stunning greenlands alone set it apart from the pack, filled with impeccable farmlands and the magnificent South Downs National Park.

It is probably little surprise considering the great greenery all around you that Saltdean initially made its name in the farming industry, thanks to its rich, bountiful land. In fact, its modern history doesn’t begin until 1924. This is a big part of the reason why it remains so unspoiled by the sometimes-wearing passage of time.

Much of Saltdean looks exactly las it did centuries ago in terms of natural beauty. That is something that, unfortunately, not that many places can still claim. And, of course, it’s impossible to talk about the many gorgeous sights in Saltdean without mentioning that astounding coastal view. Broken up by chalky white cliffs, it is, like so many of Saltdean, timeless.

However, we don’t want to give the impression that Saltdean hasn’t progressed over the last century. This is an area that has left the vital sights untouched while modernising elsewhere to make a perfect place to live and visit. It’s more than a pretty face: it’s a community, with a distinctive depth of character that can be found in everything from the chippy to the pier.

For many people, Saltdean is a place to go for the weekend to get away from everything. To be fair, it’s a pretty great place to do exactly that. But we think it’s an even better place to call home, thanks to just how much there is to do, see and experience here. And that’s not to mention it’s wonderful neighbouring areas, which would be an asset anywhere.