Shared Ownership in Shoreham-By-Sea

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With the chalky hills of the South Downs to the north, the stunning Adur Valley to the west, and nestled by both the tranquil River Adur and the sensational Shoreham Beach, there’s not a direction you can look in Shoreham-By-Sea where you won’t find something truly astounding. With beauty all around you, there’s no shortage of wonderful experiences to be found, and ones which are as perfectly suited for a family as they are for young professionals or couples. It’s hard to imagine a demographic which won’t find plenty to be amazed by here.

In fact, people have found Shoreham-By-Sea inspiring for centuries. The town has appeared in historical documents as well as in literature and art throughout the ages. And, of course, not only is its character evident throughout history but it is also informed by its rich heritage, with many incredible feats of architecture. These tell a tale that weaves throughout the Middle Ages, the Victorian era and to the present day in a feast for the senses.

We could say the same about the spectacular natural assets of Shoreham too. The areas we’ve mentioned – the beach, valleys and rivers – are home to a vast array of wildlife, both flora and fauna. One thing that Shoreham is famous for is the huge amount of butterfly species that can be found across the South Downs area, to give just one example.

It’s also a very practical place to live because Shoreham-By-Sea manages to balance industrial modernity with all of these picturesque sights. That means that there’s plenty of opportunities in both education and employment within the area itself, as well as in nearby towns such as Brighton and elsewhere via the Shoreham-By-Sea railway station. The nearby Brighton City Airport opens up your scope even further, meaning you have an exceptionally extensive range of opportunities and experiences available to you.

Shoreham-By-Sea has been inspiring for a millennium and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.