Shared Ownership Properties in Shrewsbury

Many first time buyers can worry that their home ownership aspirations are out of reach. That doesn’t have to be the case though, as Shared Ownership homes in Shrewsbury can make that vital first step onto the property ladder more achievable than ever. Help to Buy homes also offer great options for potential purchasers looking to lay down roots in wonderful locations.

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Shrewsbury is an English town like no other, and we mean that quite literally. Nowhere quite looks, feels or has the same atmosphere of this historic market town. It remains laid out in its traditional medieval style with plenty of architectural wonders to give you the sense that you’ve travelled back in time to another world.

Many places throughout England celebrate the past and that’s certainly no bad thing, as Shrewsbury itself has its stunning Museum and Art Gallery. However, few places can give you a sense of what it was actually like to live all those centuries ago in the way that this town does. There are quite literally hundreds of listed buildings here, with the likes of Shrewsbury Castle and Shrewsbury Abbey taking centre stage. Just as important though are the smaller architectural examples, which really give the area its distinct character and beauty.

Speaking of beauty, you won’t only find it in Shrewsbury’s timber frames. It can also be appreciated in the many amazing green spaces like The Quarry riverfront park and Shropshire Wildlife Trust. While some parts of the town take you back to a certain time, others – like these spacious natural areas – are timeless.

Considering how stunning and iconic Shrewsbury is, it should be little surprise that there are plenty of jobs as part of the service industry here. The economy is hugely bolstered by the crowds of tourists which visit here each year. Of course, all the shopping malls and places to eat and drink that come with such a tourist friendly destination are also beneficial to its residents, both from an employment and entertainment perspective. There are plenty of places to find a job, and a cup of coffee, in town.

On top of all this, Shrewsbury is also a place which loves art and culture. We suppose that shouldn’t be too much of a shock considering the inspiration all around you. This comes together with that bustling visitor economy, bringing the likes of the Shrewsbury Flower Show as well as their folk festival, to name but a few. This creates an action-packed summer season which is truly unmissable. As its residents know though, the passion of Shrewsbury is something that can be felt all year long.