Shared Ownership Properties in the South West

Many first-time buyers can be left feeling disheartened that the prospect of home ownership is beyond their reach. Thankfully though, with Shared Ownership homes in the South West, that vital first step onto the property ladder is more attainable than ever. Help to Buy homes in the South West are also ideal for buyers looking to settle down somewhere special.

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We’re afraid that mere words aren’t going to do the South West justice – although we’re certainly going to try. There are many beautiful parts of England and the United Kingdom in general. However, we’d argue that nowhere holds as much magic as the small and humble space of land which makes up the South West of England.

Of course, its size is relative because when you look out amongst the vast moorlands of Dartmoor National Park, for instance, it’s easy to imagine that those sensational sights could go on for an eternity. That being said, they must make way for all the other impressive natural beauties that contribute to this heady slice of British gorgeousness.

There is the iconic Stonehenge, which is not only one of the most famous historical sites in the South West but also amongst the most well-known in the whole world. Then there’s the sensational Eden Project. This truly unique botanical garden stimulates the senses just as fervently as it educates. Land’s End is the perfect Cornish bookmark to our green and pleasant land, while the likes of Exmoor National Park, Tintagel Castle, Cheddar Gorge and so, so much more also overwhelm with their magnificence.

We’ve only just scratched the surface with those examples, and we can’t reiterate just how much these places are meant to be experienced in person, not just read about. They are also the kinds of attractions which never get old, nor is a lifetime enough to fully explore everything they have to offer. That just makes the South West such an ideal place to live for anyone whose love for nature and adventure can never truly be satisfied.

However, that’s far from all that the South West has to offer, amazing though all those sites are. This is a part of the country that is made up of communities. Bath, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cornwall, the Cotswolds, Devon, Dorset, Exeter, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and more all provide incredible experiences of their own.

Each location is distinct and individual in its charms and offerings, with a vast array of employment and educational opportunities, alongside restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, shops and all the little things which bring a place together and make it a home. The South West is not just somewhere to be entranced by nature: it’s somewhere you can build a life.