Shared Ownership in Three Rivers District Council

You might be a first-time buyer but are feeling as though home ownership is out of your reach. If that’s the case, then Shared Ownership homes in Three Rivers can help you take those first vital steps up the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Three Rivers can also provide assistance in making your property dreams a reality.

To keep on top of Shared Ownership and Help to Buy properties in Three Rivers, be sure to sign up to Share to Buy and register to receive alerts about new properties being added to your area.

The meeting place of the rivers Chess, Gade and Colne, Three Rivers District Council are so proud of their surroundings that the area is named after its most distinctive natural feature. And why wouldn’t they want to celebrate the stunning beauty all around them? It’s pretty hard to miss, after all.

Gorgeous examples include Cassiobury Park and Rickmansworth Aquadome. It’s also a great place to unleash your competitive side by playing a spot of golf, thanks to all the luscious green land at its disposal. There’s even a bunch of fun, family-friendly activities to explore here too, such as the Warner Bros. Studio Tour and Langleybury Children’s Farm.

Should you need to leave Three Rivers to explore nearby entertainment and attractions or take advantage of exciting work opportunities, then its train services make it so easy. They are part of the London Underground, meaning getting into the capital is an absolute breeze. Overall, Three Rivers is a gorgeous place to call home, with everything you could possibly need.