Shared Ownership Homes in Waterlooville

It’s all too common for the prospect of home ownership to feel out of reach for first time buyers. With Shared Ownership homes in Waterlooville though, that doesn’t have to be the case. They can help make that first vital step on the property ladder more achievable than ever. Help to Buy homes in Waterlooville also offer great affordable options to buyers looking to settle down somewhere special.

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For many people, there are two key reasons to choose Waterlooville over any other part of England. One is its obvious natural beauty. Close to parks, harbours and forests, Waterlooville is every bit the green and pleasant land people think of when they imagine rural Britain. Its grassy hills have charmed many into settling down permanently in the town, and there’s certainly few better reasons to call a place home.

The other is that Waterlooville is a hub through which people can travel and work in other areas, while still enjoying all the tranquillity of nature when they return home. Of course, the most obvious example of this is the town’s close proximity to Bedhampton and, therefore, the main train route between London and Portsmouth. This provides easy access to high-speed London-bound trains.

That ability to mix employment opportunities with the affordability and natural assets of somewhere like Waterlooville is a huge part of the reason it is so sought-after. You’ll gain so much more than just access to the capital if you choose a home in Waterlooville though. It’s surrounded by nearly a dozen areas and is around eight miles from picturesque Portsmouth. That’s not to mention the regular train services to the likes of Southampton and even Cardiff.

Not only is it a place for you to live and work, but Waterlooville is also a great location to raise a family, thanks to its excellent educational facilities. There’s a whole host of primary schools – with more being developed – as well as several secondary schools and even a couple of colleges. If you want to, you can complete your entire educational journey without leaving this charming town.

Another unique benefit is that the area has unusually good weather for this part of the country, owing to a number of geographical causes. These include protection from sea breezes, meaning that Waterlooville’s climate is similar to what you’d expect from a much more southerly point of Britain.

Then, of course, there are all the little things which give a town its identity. The historic pubs, the swimming pools, the shops, the bowls clubs, and the football teams: these are all the small details that you can only really appreciate when you live somewhere you really love. For many people, that place can be none other than Waterlooville.