Shared Ownership Houses for sale in Wellingborough

For a first-time buyer, purchasing a home can often feel out of reach, with many not realising just how many options are available to them. One such option is Shared Ownership homes in Wellingborough, which can make that first step on the property ladder more accessible. Help to Buy homes in Wellingborough can also make it easier than ever for buyers to get settled in an area and a property they love.

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With Wellingborough being the most affordable place to live in the country within an hour of the capital, it should be no surprise that the town is expected to grow 30% over the coming decades. The advantages of living in Wellingborough, at least in terms of the location then, is fairly obvious.

A lot of people work in London but find it to be simply unaffordable, and struggle to find anywhere within their budget that is close to suiting their means. If this is the case, then there’s simply nowhere that matches Wellingborough for a reasonable commute in a reasonably priced area.

On top of that, it’s also a town with a rich and vibrant history, with some truly amazing architecture to behold. It is far from a mere commuter town, as its growth and love of sport and culture ­– from The Castle Theatre to its two football teams (Wellingborough Town and Wellingborough Whitworth) – can attest to. Wellingborough may tick the box for location, but it’s also a great all-rounder when it comes to quality of life.