Shared Ownership in West Berkshire

Many first-time buyers believe that purchasing a home is out of their reach. Thankfully, Shared Ownership homes in West Berkshire can make those property dreams that much closer to reality. Help to Buy homes in West Berkshire are also a great option for buyers looking to put down roots in an area they want to call home.

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West Berkshire Council, the local authority residing over the area, has the privilege of being the unitary authority of one of the most gorgeous pieces of lands the British Isles have to offer. In each of its 30 wards, you’ll find more than enough beauty around you to keep you occupied for a lifetime.

Take Beale Park for example; the 350-acre juggernaut of luscious greens, home to a variety of rare birds and nature trails, would be more than enough for most areas to get their fill of the great outdoors. In West Berkshire though, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, with several amazing parks being matched with awe-inspiring historical sites to make it feel truly one of a kind.

It’s an ideal area for family life or indeed for anyone who wants to makes the most of the simple things West Berkshire does so well. And, of course, that includes plenty of restaurants and pubs to match the parks and playgrounds.