Shared Ownership in West Oxfordshire

Plenty of first-time buyers worry that purchasing their own home is out of reach. Thankfully though, Shared Ownership homes in West Oxfordshire can help them take that initial step onto the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in West Oxfordshire are also a wonderful option for buyers who want to settle down in an area they truly adore.

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When most people think of Oxfordshire, the world-renowned university is the first image that springs to mind. Now, don’t get us wrong, an establishment with that level of reputation is certainly something to be proud of and it is a great indictment of the excellence that the area always strives for. However, for those who live here, they know that there is so much more to Oxfordshire than the more iconic sites in Oxford City.

 In the areas covered by West Oxfordshire District Council, for instance, you’ll find a wonderful set of communities that are full of beauty and culture. Some quite incredible examples of natural beauty can be appreciated in its parks and gardens, as well there being many great days out to be had at its museums, which showcase the district’s fascinating history.

This is all without mentioning the wide variety of excellent pubs, cafes, restaurants and other local businesses which helps keep the area thriving. And of course, if you do want to head to Oxford City for educational or any other purposes, it’s only a short trip away – often taking less than an hour via public transport. Overall, West Oxfordshire is a stunning melting pot, boasting all the things that make the county such a great place to live.