Shared Ownership properties in Westhoughton


Many first-time buyers can feel worried that home ownership is a prospect beyond their reach. Thankfully, Shared Ownership homes in Westhoughton could be the answer you need to take that vital first step onto the property ladder. Help to Buy homes in Westhoughton also offers excellent options for buyers looking to get the keys to their dream home.

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There are many places throughout the country that are made better by the fact that they are, in essence, a melting pot of so many different things. We’re not sure there is a single finer example of this than the town of Westhoughton in Greater Manchester.

It’s also part of the borough of Bolton, is historically in Lancashire and incorporates many different former villages and hamlets, including the likes of Four Gates, Hunger Hill, Hart Common, Dobb Brow, Wingates and more. Even in terms of geography, the many different ingredients which make Westhoughton such a deliciously inviting place to be are vast.

This is all without even mentioning the rich history and character of each of these individual places. The traditions and quirks that are leftover make Westhoughton such a unique and colourful area to live. Many places have their own culture, but few have as many as Westhoughton. You only need to walk around the town to appreciate this, thanks to the many beautiful buildings which brighten up the streets.

Speaking of beauty, one thing that all the areas within Westhoughton have in common is the astonishing natural wonders that are found in almost every corner. From Rivington Pike and Winter Hill to its Central Park, there are so many incredible places for nature lovers to roam and for families to enjoy a healthy, affordable day out.

It’s also important not to forget all the little things too which help bring a community together like the schools and the businesses. These are every bit as important as any tourist attraction. Finally, its close proximity to the likes of Manchester and Wigan means that Westhoughton is a place of great opportunity, with even more jobs and experiences available via the M61 motorway and Westhoughton and Daisy Hill railway station.